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Whether you're a large, commercial client, small enterprise or individual, we have a range of full-colour, large and small scanners to help you with all types, sizes and mixes of paperwork as quickly and cheaply as possible.

We can scan up to 600 dpi (dots per square inch) in colour, monochrome or greyscale.

For any unique items which can't easily be scanned, we also provide professional photography.

We automatically provide dual-media backup of your documents and offer an indexing service to help you retrieve your scanned files.

You'll receive our first-rate service, whether it's a single book or an entire library.

We only ask for payment once the work is complete to your satisfaction.

Can we scan it?

We scan more than you might think! Using our range of scanners, we can scan many sorts of material up to a maximum of A0 size and up to 4 inches thick. We are able to produce client-ready files on a variety of media, up to 600 dpi in full colour, mono or greyscale - dependent on the quality of the materials and your preferences.

Books and large materials

Documents and small materials

Letters, journals, photographs, certificates, trading cards, book excerpts, collectibles

Other items

We don't just scan documents! Some examples of materials we can provide specialist scanning for are:


We convert your paper archives to electronic formats in bulk, to instantly save you the costs of purchasing your own equipment, and processing and storing your files individually. We call this process 'backfile conversion'. We know that documents often go back many years or are in poor condition, needing to be handled with care.

If you choose us to scan your documents, we can immediately take away and store your archives to help you instantly benefit from the freed space.

Large format

We can scan large documents up to A0 size, if either stored flat or individually rolled, using our Colortrac 3640 scanner.

We know that large-format documents such as engineering drawings or architectural plans still exist in paper form, and can help you digitise them to save space, prevent them deteriorating or make it easier to share them.

Output formats include master (uncompressed) TIFF and compressed JPEG image files.


Scanning books makes them easier to access and preserves their quality, by avoiding wear on the originals.

We can scan large volumes up to A1 size (594 x 841 mm) in high-resolution colour, using our BookEye 3 A1 scanner.

Given the difficulty of transporting large volumes of books, we can also provide this service on your premises, by transporting the scanner to your location, whether it's a record office, university or cathedral.

To prevent damage to your books, we provide a self-supporting book cradle and top glass to minimise page curvature.

We also offer our exclusive BookView software to allow you to browse scanned images in the original book layout.

Our equipment

If you have any questions or if you'd like to scan something not mentioned here, then contact us to discuss what we can do.